User interface

Although the version 3 shows a big collection of trains, always someone will miss one or more favourite vehicles which he would like to see moving on the screen. If model railway manufacturers would discuss such wishes, they would ask their marketing experts und would calculate the cost and benefit. For the screen saver you need not to think about marketing details, you just have to find good construction drawings and the time for the creation of the picture. The user interface makes it possible to integrate self drawn pictures into the screen saver's rolling stock.

The current version provides no train editor. A complete train must be painted in a single picture. The sequence of waggons will not vary. Self drawn locomotives however may pull any train contained in the screen saver libraries. Hints how to create the pictures and how to enable animated locomotives or electric locomotives with different lifted panthographs can be found in the online help of the shareware and the full version. Applying the user interface however is possible only in the full version.

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M. Meyer 1.3.2010