New contents of version 3.1

Version 3.1 (published in February 2010) includes all trains and locomotives of version 3 and additionally:
Examples of new locomotives 40 new locomotives, trainsets and railcars
  • Classes, which came into service after release of version 3 (z.B. DB 182, 185, 189)
  • Additional subtypes (e.g. ICE 3 one-system-version 403, Version 3.0 contained only the multiple-system-version 406)
  • New colour variants
Examples of new trains New passenger trains
  • Flensburg-Express (2003-2005)
  • München-Nürnberg-Express (since 2006)
  • Alex (since 2007)
  • DB IC coaches in ICE livery (since 2002)
Examples of revised pictures Many revised vehicle pictures *
  • Improved colour graduation
  • Improved visualization of edges
  • Improved drawing of details
  • Dimension corrections, where necessary
* Currently only pictures of the library containing German trains since 1997
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What is planned for the future?

Unfortunaley we still need much time to create a new version 4 containing new program features. Currently a release date cannot be estimated. In the mean time we plan to publish some revised and completed picture libraries.
M. Meyer 6.1.2010