MM Railway - Android App and Live Wallpaper

Live-Hintergund Trains from the MM railway screensaver now are moving in a live wallpaper over your Android device. The free demo version contains 38 locomotive and 13 trains from several countries. A more extensive version with 380 locomotives and 100 different trains is available as "MM Railway Pro" containing ICE 3, KISS, TGV, ETR 500 and Acela Express. All program features are identical in both versions.

The package includes the live wallpaper and a separate app. The app can display the trains in portrait and landscape orientation, it is managing all settings (also for the live wallpaper).

Many selection options available:

  • number of tracks
  • trains speed
  • selection of locomotives and trains
  • different background pictures (user defined background pictures possible)
  • position of tracks movable
  • portrait or landscape orientation
  • included languages: German and English
New in V1.13
New rolling stock of version 1.13

Two app versions are available at Google play:

MM Railway Free 1.13 (free version - containing 38 locomotives and 13 trains, requires Android 4.2 or higher)
Release date: October 2019

MM Railway Pro 1.13 (1,75 EUR - containing 380 locomotives and 100 trains, requires Android 4.2 or higher)
Release date: October 2019

List of locomotives and train included in MM Railway Pro 1.13

M. Meyer 31.10.2019