Hints and tricks

User defined selection of rolling stock will not be saved

Reason: Windows 10 includes stronger limitations on usage of C:\Program Files. This prevents storing the files containing the user defined settings.

Solution: Either login as administrator and set write permission for all users on C:\Program Files\MM_Bahn_V3 or choose another driver or folder during installatoin of the screensaver.

Display problems under Windows 10

With the most recent versions of Windows 10 sometimes trains will not be displayed correctly, when a text size of more than 100% is configured in the windows display settings. In this case please install the last version of the screensaver (see Downloads). To preserve your stored license key do not uninstall the old version and use the option "install demo version". Users of the former CD-ROM version should ask for a license key.

Screen saver help file with Windows 7 and Vista
The program WinHlp32.exe, which is neccessary to display the screen saver's help file, is not a feature of Windows 7 and Vista.

Vista users may install WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft download center:
German version
English version

Users of Windows 7 will be lead to the Microsoft download pages by the Windows help system.

M. Meyer 1.5.2021